Miah and Friends - An Ogran Recital

Miah and Friends - An Organ Recital

April 10, 2011

First Congregational United Church of Christ, Waterloo, Iowa  


* If you have buffering problems due to the low speed of download, start the video and then hit stop until the video has fully or halfway loaded. As the video is loading, you should see a red line. The line you see will get longer as it loads. Resume play once the video is halfway or fully loaded. 

"Fantasia" by Clifford Demarest (1874 - 1946) -  Miah and Taemin Han, organ and piano duet.  


 Prelude and Fugue on the theme on BACH by F. Liszt - Miah Han, organ

"Jesus, Lay Your Head in the Window" African-American spiritual, arr. by Hele Smith

Celeste Bembry, soprano;  Miah Han, organ

"The Lord Is My Light" by Frances Allitsen, arr. by Summer Salter

Celeste Bembry, soprano;  Miah Han, organ

 Variations on "America" by Charles Ives - Miah Han, organ


To see "A Symphony of Spirituals" by Joel Raney, Taemin and MIah Han, piano and organ,  click here.  

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