Personal Statement for Ideal Music Ministry in a Christian Church

Taemin Han



Music is one of the most wonderful gifts God has given us. A wonderful sermon gives us the seeds of belief, and music provides us with water and soil to nurture the seeds. Music works beyond our language. Hans Christian Anderson said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Every human being is born singing even before being Christian, and our duty is to lead our fellow Christians to sing praises to our God. Here are some ideas that have been with me since I began working as a church musician.


First, I believe it is important to hold a high quality public concert at least once per year. This concert will provide a model for the quality of music we wish to achieve.  We may invite professional guest musicians to broaden the range of music and stimulate the musical interest of our congregation. In addition to this public concert, we will also provide our congregation with diverse musical offerings during worship as well as special music for the religious seasons. Offering a variety of  musical activities demonstrates our intended musical goal and offers the congregation an opportunity to participate according to their interest and level of ability. 

Second, I think we need to pay attention to various types of music. Keeping our minds open to different musical styles allows us to connect with all generations represented in the congregation. Working together with leaders in the Children and Youth programs, I would learn about their musical preferences so that I could introduce programs using their musical language. I will also work with the adult choirs, hand bell choirs etc…to provide them with music that they enjoy and brings them closer to God.


Finally, I believe that we need to provide a systematic educational approach to music for children and youth (such as Orff, Kodály and Gordon methods). During my studies in music education at Michigan State University, I gained insight and experience in many areas of teaching.  I taught private lessons for all ages and, as a teaching assistant, worked with the college-level piano program. While working in this program, I learned how important music education is in leading children to praise God and to appreciate music throughout their lives.

I decided to be a church music director when I was a middle school student. There was a very sincere adult choir conductor in my church at that time. His ability and dedication as a conductor moved my heart, and led me to plan my future as a church musician. I still remember what my mother said to me when I told her my idea. She asked, “Why don’t you try to have a bigger dream for your future?” I thought, “Why can this not be my biggest dream?” My dream has not changed: I became a church musician. I want to be a role model for children and musical leaders in the church community through my dedication as a church musician.




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