Animal Parade - Miah and Friends 2016

Animal Parade - Miah and Friends 2016
Sunday, October 23, 2016
First Congregational United Church of Christ, Waterloo 

Waltz in D-flat Major (The Little Dog Waltz) by F. Chopin          
Taemin Han, piano

Duet for Two Cats - (Rossini) Persall
Megan Grey and Samantha Takes, sopranos      Miah Han, piano

"The Whilster and His Dog" by Arthur Willard Pryor 
Bard Mackey, trombone    Taemin Han, piano

"I Bought Me a Cat" by Aaron Copland
Terell Izzard, vocal solo  Taemin Han, piano

"The Swan" by Saint-Saens
Jesse Luke, cello    Miah Han, piano

"Le bestiaire ou cortege orphee" by Francis Poulenc
I. Le dromadaire  (The dromedary)  II. La chèvre du Thibet (The Tibetan Goat)   III. La sauterelle (The grasshopper)
IV. Le dauphin (The dolphin)  V. L’écrevisse (The crayfish)  VI. La carpe (The carp)
Megan Grey, vocal solo    Miah Han, piano 

"Flight of the Bumblebee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Daniel Kaplunas, violin    Taemin Han, piano

"Animal Ditties II" by Anthony Plog
The Ostrich-The Chipmunk- The Canary-The Elk                    

Scott Muntefering, trumpet      Taemin Han, piano     Tim Ensworth, narrator

"The Animal Parade" by Iain Farrington
Entrance - Giraffes - Barrel organ monkey - Blue whale - Sparrows - Penguins - Cheetah - Alley cats - Exit
Miah Han, organ    Greg Holt, narrator 

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