While letting a fun summer go, another fruitful autumn is ahead of us! Are we ready to enjoy this beginning of the new church year?

Our first choir rehearsal will be on Wednesday, September 5. I am in the middle of selecting music for both Celebration and Sanctuary Choirs. Planning is a time-consuming job, but it’s a most happy and imagination-filled job for me. Actually, the good results of our music ministry usually starts with this planning process. Without careful and sincere planning, you are just planning to fail.

During the Worship and Music Ministry Team meeting last week, we discussed a new trial during this choir year for more broad participation in our musical activities. So, there will be new opportunities for anyone who wants to sing for service one Sunday each month without coming to Wednesday choir rehearsals. Those days will be on communion Sundays and the first day for the new choir will be October 14.

This is similar to the summer choir in idea. We will gather at 9:30 a.m. and work on a pretty simple piece of music to sing during worship service on the same day. This choir is for anyone who wants to add their voice to others. You don’t have to worry about your ability to read music or anything. Your enthusiasm in praising God with your church family will be sufficient. The choir will be named Joyful Noise.

Also, I am planning to offer more opportunities to invite people to our praise in vocal and instrumental music. Please be ready to open your mind and say “yes” when invited. Dust off your instrument in your closest that you haven’t played for a while, or start tuning up your voice to sing with our choir members once in a while this year.

Music is a precious gift from God for all of us. And, the joy of singing and playing instruments before God is not necessarily for selected people only. It’s for all of us, and let’s prove it from this choir year.