This summer, I spent many more days traveling than I have any other year. It’s been three years since I visited Korea with my family in 2013, and I spent time with my family again because my father passed away pretty suddenly and unexpectedly. Since then I got to see my old church families in Ann Arbor, Michigan again after 15 years and in Mt. Clemens after six years.

I still appreciated the precious moments I had when I saw old friends and my own family after so many years, and that’s when I realized that I should do my best to enjoy the time I have with the people around me now. Here’s my idea: the experiences we had in the past help us create better times in the present, and the success of our future is affected by the present.

I am currently looking forward to our first Wednesday choir rehearsal, September 7, with our members in the bell and vocal choirs and on Thursday, September 15, with the children’s choir. All the choir members and I would like to invite new people to join us in enjoying music and praising God in groups. There are still some people who are considering joining the choir or are going to be invited by our choir members, myself, and/or whoever loves our church music ministry. Please consider in the near future involving yourself in this beautiful and rewarding ministry.

Your decision will enrich your life and will also please our God. The ministry motto at First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Clemens, Michigan put on their welcoming board near the entrance door read “Come as a guest, leave as family.” I also invite you in the same way. Come join us and you will become our choir family before you even notice.