Dear First Presbyterian Church Families, how have you been during this summer? I have enjoyed fellowship with many of you on Sundays and through some church events such as Tapestry, Ice Cream Social, and the pool party. But, many of us, including me, enjoyed time out of town and even out of state , so we have missed each other more often than other seasons.

Now, it’s almost the time when we resume our regular church activities, and that includes our music program. During summer, when I had summer choirs, it was like an oasis for me. We have had many singers and instrumentalists for services, but a group of people singing together has a powerful meaning of sharing a common goal, praising God in one voice.

Summertime has given me a chance to relax, but I also have missed our choirs at the same time. Now, I am looking forward to seeing our choir members as a group in a few weeks. When we have some good things, we should share it, right? I believe all our choir members have the same feeling, eager to share the time, music, and fellowship.

We have three musical groups during the choir year: Sanctuary Choir for high school age to adult singers, Celebration Ringers for about age 12 to adults who have minimal knowledge of reading music, and Praise Ringers, a children’s musical group for elementary to middle school. We are open to new participants all the time, but if you would join us in September, you will be recognized during our music dedication Sunday on the last Sunday in September.

During this choir year, I will look for more opportunities to grow musically and spiritually with our music people. It means we will brush up our musical skills and prepare high quality music for our worships services and special musical events, but will also try more opportunities to share our musical gifts with people in the community.

In early Christian years, the apostle Paul encouraged the believers by saying, “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.” (Eph. 5:19). This should not be changed from our Christian life then to now and forever.