My daughter, Grace, left home for college last Wednesday.  I thank God for this opportunity and the new chapter of life for her.  While getting back from Iowa City after dropping her off at the University of Iowa, I recalled all 18 years that I have shared with Grace.  The question that returned to me again and again was "What would be the most helpful thing I can give her as a parent for her life?"

As church musicians and an immigrant family, we have not enjoyed a financially rich life.  But, Grace always understands it and conforts us by saying she has enough already.  Educationally Miah and I were concerned about her English because English is not our first language.  We could not give her ample examples of English at home like other kids receive.  But, her best grades have been in her English classes.

There is one thing, however, that I can say proudly.  We went to church together not only for Sunday services, but also for many other activities, including musical rehearsals.  We pray together and talk about God and Jesus and Bible stories.  The life at church is the center of our lives, and I believe that my children will do this even after they leave us for their own independent lives.

As a Christian and church musician, I dream to share with the people around me the pleasure of sharing the love and time at God's temple and being God's children with them.  For this reason, I pray that the members of First Presbyterian become a loving family that many people want to join after witnessing us.  If we respect the mission God has given us and care for each other like we do for our own children, any obstacles we have now cannot prevent us from following Jesus.