“Do you love me?” I often ask Grace and Solomon this question. I don't ask this question unsure of the answer. This question is asked based on my trust that they do love me, and with confidence that our relationship will always be valuable.


Jesus also took the same approach before giving Peter the historical mission to lead all Christians after His resurrection and ascension. Jesus asked Peter the same question three times (John 21:15-17), and I am sure this action changed Peter entirely from a fisherman to the rock of the church.  

Our choir season is about to start, and we will keep praising God with our voices and instruments. The most important question we need to ask ourselves before committing ourselves will be the same question, “Do we love God and Jesus Christ?”


Taking time out from our busy lives and schedules is never easy and it is getting even tougher these days. Also, when it comes to performing music before people, we should make sure that these musical offerings are not for our pleasure primarily, but are done for the glory of God first.  If we have a solid answer: “Yes Lord! I do love you and I praise you with all my heart and mind,” all other obstacles will be changed to glorious moments while we praise God in music.