The beginning of fall this year has been so difficult because of the flooded conditions in many places. Because I didn’t see the 2008 flood in Iowa, it’s the most serious flood situation I have ever witnessed At this moment while I am writing this article, I am preparing for two musical events: Music Dedication Sunday at our church and Miah’s organ recital in Clermont. Both events are scheduled for the same day, Sunday, September 25.

With the uncertain weather for tomorrow, I have been concerned about the outcome of both events. I am still trying to check some of the details to have a successful day, but the weather tomorrow is beyond my capacity. This situation reminds me of the scripture, “The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.” (Proverbs 16:1-King James Version).

I have tried to get all of our choir members involved in Music Dedication Sunday, but there are still some choir members who cannot make it because of their vacation schedules, medical conditions, or some other reasons.  I wanted to have more new members in our musical groups, but Mitchell Sage (Celebration Ringers) and Alexandra Saulsbury (new section leader for Sanctuary Choir) are a good start for this choir year, and we hope we will keep having more people come and join us in the future.

We will keep trying to do our best to praise our God with our musical talents and seek more people who have not yet found their chance to devote their time to this meaningful ministry. As I mentioned before, we cannot make every result as accurate as we hope or plan right now, but God’s plans and timing are always the best for us. Based on this trust we have reasons to keep trying on our side without any doubt in our faith for God.