There’s an interesting and unique piece written by American experimental composer John Cage (1912-1992). The title is 4’33” (four minutes, thirty-three seconds). It’s for any instrument or combination of instruments, but the performers will not play anything during the total duration of the piece. John Cage said that, in his opinion, it is his most important work. I think the  composer’s idea of this piece shows us one of the many aspects of live performances.

In regard to convenience, we have so many ways of listening to music other than going to live concerts, such as using CD, radio, MP3 and smart phone. We can also enjoy music at home, in the car, and literally anywhere we are. But, why do we still want to go to concerts?

With extra time and effort, and even paying for the tickets sometimes, we gather to enjoy live concerts, not only for enjoying the performance but also for feeling the atmosphere around them. There are noises from the audience as well as the performers, intense silence right before the first note of each piece, clapping and shouting for the performers, and most of all, the feelings of sharing that we all love together at the same time and same place.

We have some events coming up you won’t want to miss. Sunday, October 13, is the Chili Cook-Off, followed by the Church Family Talent Show after service. On Sunday, December 8, we will have a joint worship and concert with First Congregational Church. Both churches will worship at First Presbyterian and enjoy the concert at First Congregational. This event will be the second joint worship and concert with First Congregational Church after the memorable Messiah Concert we had in December 2012.

Our church has been blessed by many people with their talents and dedication. And, we also have had people who strongly support and encourage them. That has been the history of our church. Please save your time for the events. You will enjoy the performance as well as the happy faces of the people around you.