I heard a story of a farmer who had a winery from his ancestors.  Someone asked him why he was working so hard to make new wine even when he was so old and might not get a bottle good enough to sell in his lifetime.  The answer from him was that it was because he had gotten those good old wines that his father and grandfather put in storage a long time ago.  When we work hard, sometimes it's not just for ourselves but for the future of our children and grandchildren.  Without those efforts of our parents and grandparents, how can we exist here right now?

While preparing music and looking through the music cabinet, I sometimes find myself so impressed with the volume of good music in our music library.  For example, "The Infant Jesus" by Buxtehude that we sang last Christmas season and the Novello edition of Handel's Messiah that we are going to perform this Christmas season, not only the copies for singers but also for full orchestra, organ and harpsichord.  Not many churches have this kind of music in their libraries.  I feel pride as well as a responsibility to continue our church's music tradition of quality.  It also makes me ask myself, how am I preparing for our younger generations in this church in music ministries?

This week as I wrote this article, I heard the Session approved the proposal for a combined choir Messiah Concert on Sunday, December 9, at 3:00 p.m. and a joint worship the same morning with First Congregational United Church of Christ.  The concert will be held at First Presbyterian Church and the joint worship will be at First Congregational Church.

First of all, I sincerely express my gratitude to First Congregational Church for their open mind and strong support of this event.  They agreed to equally fund this concert with our church and share their sanctuary for the joint worship.

Both First Congregational and First Presbyterian churches are known for their excellent music ministries in this area and we will get together to make a meaningful concert.  This wonderful event will show our community the love of Christians and a good direction for all of us, including our children as Jesus' followers.  May God bless our efforts to praise Him and serve His people.