During the first couple weeks in this choir year, we have been blessed to see many returning and new members in each group.  The reason we need to move in to the new choir rooms for bigger space and renovated facilities became clear with the increased number of children and youth choir members in the current choir room.  Not only with numbers, but the plans we have with our church choirs will even demand more room.  We need to encourage our musical groups to grow in numbers and quality, but also to reach out to the community to increase our opportunities to share our love and good news with the people around us.  There will be an opportunity for us to fulfill these purposes soon.

Westminster Presbyterian Church will have a Family Concert on Sunday, October 24 at 4 p.m.  The theme for the concert will be the kinds of animals designed for each animal lover.  Our Chancel Choir, Messengers and Light Shine Choirs, and Westminster Instrumental Group with guest string quartet and brass quintet will perform many interesting and fun pieces for this concert.

Since creation, the relationship of animals to us has changed.  Once animals became more than just food for us, we started to understand that animals are special.  They are part of God's creation and we should share the beauty of nature and time given by God with them.  Some animals become like family for many people.  The companionship with these animals for some people -like elderly, sick, and lonely- is getting more important in recent years.  These animals also give our children the opportunity to learn about taking care of others and the meaning of death in a natural way.

With this Family Concert in October, we plan to help the Cedar Bend Humane Society with a free-will offering.  They have launched a Capital Campaign to renovate their facilities and to better help animals in need in this area.  Many animals have been abandoned or became helpless.  Our mission to help the weak and needy will not be reserved for only people.  We ask them to comfort us and give us happiness, so we need to protect and help them when they need our help. 

Please plan to join our musical groups for the concert and bring your friends and neighbors to enjoy exciting music while helping these animals in need.