It’s always amazing to see the seasons changing. Green leaves change their color, and bees are busy collecting honey. We are also trying to get back to life with our children’s school, church, and other activity schedules.


Our church music program also started in September and anticipates another exciting and meaningful year. Praising God within our church families alone won't be enough to fulfill God’s demand for our music ministry, though, and we have had a good tool to reach the people in our community.


Our church’s Fine Arts Concert Series has been going strong for 23 years now. We will start this year's program with a concert named “Fall Fantasia- Kaleidoscope of Musical Talents”, on Sunday, November 8. This year the concert will include a new element--dance--in addition to all other varieties from the concert last November.    


I believe you have received the letter for the Fine Arts Series Patron Drive and the schedule of concerts this season. The invitation letters for prospective Community Choir members have also been sent out, and I hope we will have a good response again this year. Please visit my personal website,, to see more detailed information about the November Concert and the Fine Arts Series for 2009-2010.