If someone should ask me to describe our lives in a few words, I would say life is “The process of continuous waiting.” A popular Korean actress once said the success of actors and actresses is achieved through 30% talent, 30% effort, and 40% patient waiting. No matter where these percentages came from in her life, I agree that patience and waiting is a large part of our lives.

We will soon enter the Advent season.  The word “Advent” is from the Latin word “Adventus” which means “coming.” Israelites had been waiting for their Messiah throughout their entire history. Now we, Christians, are waiting for the second coming of our Messiah, Jesus Christ, more than two thousand years after He first walked with us. We pray to God and patiently wait for His guidance.

Recently we have prayed and waited for God’s guidance for many things: our economic future, the leaders of our country, peace in the world, and our mission as Christians. As we pray and wait patiently for God’s answers we should remain optimistic because God is in control. Let us take time to listen to God and follow His ways, especially His un-measurable patience for us.  

“Patience means awaiting God’s time without doubting God’s love.”
– September 2, 2009 in Our Daily Bread, RBC Ministries. www.rbc.org.