May is the last month of the church choir year.  After our annual Spring Concert on May 3, we will start to get ready to close this choir year.  As I recall our year of 2014-2015, many good memories make me smile. Among them, I especially feel happy about our children’s choir group, Praise Ringers. The children have sung and played bells regularly throughout this year.  On Sunday, April 12, they played bells and showed us the signs of important words of the song, while Sanctuary Choir supported them by singing along with them.  We had only four children in the group, but they looked and sounded like the angels of heaven!

Sanctuary Choir also added one more public concert this year, “Jerusalem Journey”.  It was a new experiment, as it was a play, reading, and music combined with Parabola, a youth theater group.  Our Celebration Ringers group has kept nurturing our youth members, who were transferred from Praise Ringers. The adult ringers have patiently and faithfully given time and opportunities to these young ringers, and their playing and reading skills have improved impressively this year.

Overall, our musical groups have spent a significant portion of time this year for our next generation of music ministries.  I believe that our children deserve a high quality music education and that our future depends on it. Even though we have only a few children and youth in our musical groups at the present time, our efforts towards these young musicians have been worth our time and effort.

Last week, I again witnessed a few of our church people working on our church yard around the parking lot. They were spreading seeds on the damaged spots and watering them.  It looked so hopeful because we know that we are going to enjoy the view of our green church yard soon because of their hard work. Our music ministries for our future generations are not far from this true lesson in the scripture, “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.”  (Psalm 126:5)