I am wring this article on the evening of Easter.  We had a great Easter morning service with  guest organist Dr. Karen Black of Wartburg college.  Before the Easter service, I had good experiences and many thoughts throughout holy week morning services at 7:30 a.m.  With a few people who attended, I had chances to talk with them after each service and we shared our own life stories, issues about our education to the immigration system and many other things happening around us.  I have not had these kind of conversations with church members on other days.  In the early morning, our brain might be more sensitive and purer, maybe. 

And then on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, we traces Jesus' steps from the dark room where He shared His last moments with His disciples and the tomb where He laid down dead to overcame death.  Darkness to bright victory over death is what we experienced through Good Friday to Easter. 

The weather today seemed to be representing our feelings well  about Easter this year.  Warm wind welcomed us and people enjoyed time with their family and friends.   The happiness after a long time of patience and waiting should be like this. 

We will have a Spring Concert on May 4.  After that we will have two more weeks for our ringers and singers to go in this choir season. Then, we will have summer choir sing every third Sunday in each month.  Many of our bell choir members will start preparing to go to the Bell Festival in La Crosse, Wisconsin in June.     

Life keeps going on. We will have good days and bad days as before.  But, we will be always happy because we know we are God's children.  Because our lord Jesus had died and risen from death for our sin and forgiveness.   Thanks be to God!