When we see the trees blooming and green grass growing in the early spring, we wonder where all this life came from. 

During the winter, the lifeless trees and grass seem to have stopped breathing.  But, they have just been resting and recharging.  As the temperature rises, the snow disappears, daylight gets longer, and they are all back.  Their thriving show of life shows us how they have prepared for the new season! 

ur musical activities will take a rest during the summer months.  Our Wednesday program will end on April 28.  Chancel Choir will sing its last anthem of this season on May 30.  We will celebrate all musical dedications and the talents of our children in the May 2nd Sunday service and a Wednesday evening banquet on the 5th.  Chancel and Meisterringers will have their own closing-year party as scheduled.

Does it mean that our musical offertory will stop during the summer? Absolutely not!

Our regular weekly schedule gets loose, but we are just taking some rest in preparation for the soon returning season.

During summer time, we will have Vacation Bible School June 14-18 with an exciting music program.  Some of our youth group will go to Green Lake Music Conference from July 17th  through 24th.  And, our worship team with our vocal and instrumental musicians will keep praising God at 9:30 a.m. Sunday services. 

Let’s enjoy the beauty of nature and our time with people around us during this summer.  All things are given from God for our happiness!  But don’t forget that this summer is also our opportunity to prepare ourselves for the coming season. 

I pray that our fall returning church program will be enriched with returning music people and fresh new faces – renewed with determination and dedication during this summer time.  The summer can be an important turning point for your musical journey – and for the rest of your life.