The time around late February and early March is always hard to pass by. Maybe it feels that way because it’s the end of winter and it’s also usually during the Lenten period in the Christian year.

This year has not been that much different. Harsh winter weather has been hurting the entire nation from the east to west coasts and a lot of difficult news has been reported inside and outside of this country; from gun shooting tragedies to ongoing violence in the Middle East and elsewhere to name a few of many incidences.

It seems like we can only have perfect peace and happiness when we leave this world and arrive in heaven. Our longtime pastor of the nation, Rev. Billy Graham, passed away recently at the age of 99. He said to a news reporter one day, “I don’t want to hear any compliments from people after I die because I don’t deserve them. But my wish is to hear from God saying, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant (Mathew 25:23).’ when I meet Him in heaven. I am not sure I would hear it but I wish.”

Our hard time in this world is what we are supposed to experience and our constant efforts to overcome these difficulties and to help each other to make this world a better place are our duties God wants us to do. So let’s wait for God’s guidance and let Him take care of the results of our efforts.

We know that our triumph will be coming as we witnessed the historical moment that our Lord Jesus Christ rose after the darkest time of suffering and death. Hallelujah!