Sometimes we spend time finding out how we can be the best person to our important people. Making more money looks like one of the many ways to make this wish come true. Spending more time with them will be another way. These two ways, however, don’t go along with each other easily. There may be some more answers we can think of, but I would like to say that my answer for this question is being where we should be for them.

There was a conversation with a mother, who lost her daughter to an abduction and murder, and a friend of the daughter’s in a movie I watched last month. The mother regretted that she didn’t treat her daughter better in the past. The girl comforted the mother by saying, “My mom doesn’t do any special things for me either. Just being mom itself is special to me… you know.”
When Jesus prayed very hard in Gethsemane right before being caught by the soldiers, He asked His disciples to be awake around him. They couldn’t make it. Until they met Jesus resurrected later, they were helpless and regretful about their faults. Being with your loved ones when they need you is not that easy, but it will be the most precious thing we can do for them.

We have good times and bad times continuously in our lives, but as long as we know that we have the people who love us, who believe in us, who support us, and who will always be ready to be with us, our lives cannot be too tough to overcome. Our time on earth will be happy with them and we know that it will be even better after in heaven because there will be our Lord with us always.

I pray that all of our church families will be in their positions to serve people and church, and praise God without ceasing. Let us have a meaningful and thoughtful Lent and celebrate our Lord’s resurrection before this month ends! Hallelujah Indeed!