Two weeks ago, my whole family and I visited Michigan State University for Grace, who was participating in the MSU alumni distinguished scholarship competition.  Regardless of the results which will come later, we decided to focus the value of the time we enjoyed on visiting our old home town and finding fond memories at the campus during the stay in East Lansing. 

While participating in the events, I could not hide my pride as an alumni of the school because of how organized they were in preparing each event and presentation by many excellent students, staff and the faculty.  But when Grace was asked to stand up as a resident of the state of Iowa, we suddenly became the representatives of Iowa.  (Among about over two thousand people in the room, we were the only family from Iowa!). 

That moment, I started thinking about our lives that ask us to be representatives of something always.  We are not recognizable by our own name in many cases.  For example, I am a son of the Han family.  When I arrived at the United States of America, my original nationality, Korean, became a strong identity for me.  (However, when I talked with people in Korea, I sometimes find myself speaking on behalf of Americans!)   I represent my schools after graduating from Eastern Michigan and Michigan State.  And now I have been an Iowan for over two years.   Whether  we like it or not, people expect us and judge us with our backgrounds.  That's why we hope we can give good impressions of our beloved families, schools, areas, and whatever we belong to.

Now, I would like to think about what and whom we should think of as our identity not only for our earthly life but our eternal life after that.  We have been chosen by God as the children of almighty God.  But how hard is it for us to represent God and His Son, Jesus Christ appropriately.  When we can keep in mind God's words, promise about His love for us, and the eternal life we will enjoy after this life, following God's guidance and being good believers will be much easier.

I think church is where we can remind each other about God's plans for us and encourage us to remember our fellowship under God's name. The time we share as church families is just a small example of our lives here and in heaven, after all.  Let us love each other and praise God with our hearts and minds.

Thanks be to GOD!  We are representing our righteous and loving God.  Hallelujah!