During our family trip to Grand Rapids and Ypsilanti last month, I experienced many joyful musical moments. Once we arrived in Grand Rapids, the Michigan All State High School Band overwhelmed the audience with their youthful energy and unlimited potential. My heart, mind and soul were filled with extreme happiness because of the top quality of this youth group. The following Sunday we visited First Presbyterian Church in Ypsilanti. The church was having a special worship and Organ Festival Concert to celebrate their new pipe organ. We attended their 10 a.m. worship and 3 p.m. organ concert. The 72 year old guest organist for the event, Dr. John Weaver, was a true virtuoso. I have never experienced an organist who played the organ so naturally, like breathing. He played everything, including Bach’s complex music by memory.


Do I then think the beauty of music will be possible only at these types of special musical events? The beauty of music abounds here at our church too. I delight in coming upon one of our young church choir members singing in the hallway practicing our song for Sunday. I feel exhilarated when our chancel choir sings during Sunday service. A sense of happiness comes over me when musical communication is achieved through sound, breathing, and eye contact with choir members. Maybe these feelings cannot be fully explained but can only be experienced.


Our musical groups have welcomed several new members recently; but because many of our church family have retired and moved we still need more. Why don’t you join Chancel Choir, Instrumental Ensemble or Handbell Choir this year? Just let me or a choir member know if you are interested. We are all ready to help you start your musical journey. Like anything worth doing, the first step is always the hardest; but it will enrich your life tremendously.