What a year I have spent with the Westminster family!  I have enjoyed all the musical activities and relationships with people around me through this season.  Many memories of this year will be with me for a long time, including; the Animal Public Concert;  Messiah Sunday; Children's Christmas Musical "King Wenceslas"; Westminster Chimes Talent Show; Music Recognition Sunday and Hymn Singing Sunday.

Now, we are into the Summer! Energy will abound and we will enjoy this exciting season!  But, let's remember this is also the time of opportunity to quietly seek God's voice and find his direction for our coming years.  Times of rest are our opportunity from God to recharge our batteries. 

During this summer, my family and I will visit Korea to see our families after 14 years in the USA.  That will be a tremendous experience for my children as they experience the love of their grandparents and relatives from both sides of the family.  For my wife and me, it will be an interesting time to see what has changed and what has not changed during our time away. 

I hope that the enthusiasm we had in music as God’s offering is one of the things that has not changed in the last 14 years.   I know that God's love for us is never altered by time.  What a great assurance!

After this time of rest and recharge, I hope that we will gather again for another wonderful year of spirit-filled activities.  We will again seek to fulfill God's commandment for us: love God and love His people as we all are the children of God.

Happy Summer to everyone!