We did not plan to move this soon.   But, it happens that we need to pack our stuff to move out of the house we have been in for only five and a half months.

While packing some books and music, I came upon a journal I had written in around the time Solomon was born in the year 2000.   The importance of recording is somehow equally important from national events to personal diaries. 

According to the journal, Grace lost her first tooth on June 9, 2000,  and Solomon tasted something (apple) other than milk for the first time in his life on June 1st of that year.  Without records, there would have never been any possibility for me to remember these historical moments in our family.

One day, I asked Grace what was the best memory for her after moving to the United States.  She answered quickly,  "The time dad brought me to Pizza Hut a few days after we came to this country.  When I took the first bite, I thought 'It's heaven!'"  

I was amazed!  It had happened when she was only three and a half years old, and she still remembers it!  Actually, she didn't like traditional Korean food even before coming to the U.S.A., so for her the food is one of the benefits of living here. 

With all these experiences, I realized that happiness for us does not always come in big events.  Especially for young children, things such as daily attention from parents and a short time get-together with family members can be a priceless moment that will be remembered for the rest of their life.

We are now headed into another wonderful summer season.  We will have plenty of activities  to enjoy and share with our families and friends.  May we enjoy the blessings of God as we make these memories during this time.