As the end of the 2008-2009 choir season approaches, I've spent time reflecting on it. The first big event of the year, the Fine Arts concert in November, was a big success. People enjoyed the variety of music programs, including our children’s choir singing “Everyone’s Favorite Melody- Chopsticks” with kazoos. Our worship services and musical concerts were blessed with the dedication of musical group members, and we all felt God’s presence with us time after time through the music we heard.


One of the saddest moments I have experienced at this church is the loss of Becky Vescoso, who was a dedicated Chancel Choir member. Not only was she active in singing, but also spent so much time caring for others at this church and elsewhere. She is the first current choir member I have lost throughout my entire life experience as a church musician.


It's been a pleasure to welcome new members to our musical groups. Our former Music Director, Jan, and her husband, Dr. Lewis Schoon, came back to Chancel Choir. Donna Trembath also started singing with us in the fall. Handbell Choir welcomed Carol Herhilan, Philip Martin, Miah Han and Pat Lange this year. Two new members in the Instrumental Ensemble group are Philip Martin, trumpet, and Terry DeFauw, percussion.  


It's been such a blessing to have so many dedicated people involved in the music ministry at our church. I appreciate all your time and efforts and thank the parents and grandparents who faithfully brought the children to rehearsals and Sunday morning services. I believe that it is impossible for me to remember and thank everyone I should, but our God will not forget anyone for what they have done for the Glory of God and His people. I hope that our music program will keep growing in numbers as well as in quality with your prayerful participation and God’s help.