When I think of a break, there are two types in my mind. One is productive and voluntary. The other one is wasting and passive. In the scriptures, we can find these two examples. Jesus often took breaks in between his very busy ministries during his last years on earth. When he withdrew from his disciples and the people, he took time to pray and rest to recharge Himself for the next steps in teaching and leading the people around Him. The other case of break I found is when all of Jesus’ disciples scattered and went back to their work places or hid from other people to avoid trouble. Until they were called by Jesus after His resurrection, they didn’t do anything but try to escape from the mission Jesus asked them to do.

Now, we are getting into summer vacation. Our Celebration Ringers and Sanctuary Choir sang and played on Pentecost Sunday as the last time in this choir year. However, our bell choir will keep working on pieces that are of pretty high skill level in preparation for the bell festival in Rochester, Minnesota, which takes place on June 22-24. Our Sanctuary Choir will gather on the 3rd Sundays in June, July, and August with anyone who wants to join as Summer Choir. We will get some rest from regular meetings during this Summer time, but this is to recharge our batteries, and it’s not to escape from our music ministries.

Hope all of our church family will also enjoy more extra time with their families and friends during this wonderful season while reminding ourselves that our efforts in following Jesus’ steps in sharing God’s love are ongoing.