Doing our best to make our life worth each day and every day should be our goal.  After a while, though, we should also have a pause and look back, to remind us where we are from, and look forward, where we will walk onward. This will help us see the big picture so that we will not lose our identity and can set the right direction to keep going in our long life journey.

I had a great chance to review the history and the current situation of Korean Christian churches at First Congregational Church in Waterloo on Sunday, May 21.  It was part of a series of services before the Pentecost service this year, and the church had been inviting many other Christians from various countries, with last Sunday being for Korea.  This was a perfect timing for us since Miah and I recently became US citizens. 

While preparing the presentation, I rediscovered that the many Christians and missionaries of the United States made up most of the people who helped and gave hope and momentum to build up Korea when it was in one of the most difficult and hopeless situations in its history not long ago. The country has now became one of the leading countries economically and also sends more helpers and missionaries to people in need worldwide than any other country, second to only the U.S.A.   I was proud to say that Korean people remember how important it is to pay back the love and help they got from God and His people to other people.

Miah and I will soon have another ample chance to see a different part of the Christian church in Germany.   We will participate in some conferences and events celebrating the five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther's reformation.  We will learn more about the beginning of protestant church history and their current activities as Christians.  Visiting a war refugees camp will be in our schedules too.

We hope we will have a great experience, gain a new and fresh insight in Germany, and come back with a new vision that will help us to carry on our missions to build a stronger and healthier Christian community with all our fellow believers.