The season of sowing has come back, and I put some seeds of my favorite vegetable, green perilla, in a pot.  It is not a well-known vegetable to most Americans but is a necessity on Koreans’ dining tables, especially for pork dishes.  Its smell is so attractive and also helps get rid of the bad smell of pork.  Because it’s available only at Korean grocery stores and the nearest town I can go to is Iowa City, I decided to grow it myself.  Last year, I tried and got only weeds. This year, I bought new seeds at a Korean grocery in Iowa City and put it in a Styrofoam pot.  Two weeks ago, tada - I found some of the first leaves getting out of the dirt, and after then about 15 new ones came out.  I am dreaming of a big harvest, imagining myself enjoying this delicious vegetable with my favorite fresh side pork barbecue  during this summer and fall.

When we have some vision of harvest, nurturing that vision is no longer a hard job.  It becomes our life goal and the reason we live for.  Spring is a season to put our dreams and plans in the soil, and summer is the season they start growing.  As our choir season has been finished, I will start planning for the coming choir year.  Finding new fine anthems, along with the old ones we sang in the past, will be the basis of my work.  But, seeking the vision and direction of our choir members and I will pursue in the coming years will be even more important, and I should pay attention during this summer time.

During the coming months, I hope all of us will enjoy relaxing time with families and friends.  In the meantime, though, I ask you to give me any suggestions for our music ministries at First Presbyterian Church for the coming years.  If it includes your consideration of participating in our musical activities, it will be a great gift to us!  Thank you for your support and prayer for our musical groups and myself.