After Sunday morning service on May 25, many people approached me and said my piano offertory was so touching.  Among them, three ladies had said the same comment, "It was my mother's favorite!"  That was "Whispering Hope", arranged by Kohlmann.  I got his music book of arrangement collections for the piano, printed in 1944, while digging in a bunch of old music books that a retiring music professor put beside his office for students.  I have played these old hymn tunes for our senior church members once in a while during services.

Old history is something that keeps coming back to us for the times when we are happy, sad, and often sometimes in between to encourage us, comfort us, and, remind us that we are not alone.  Our existence has not been by chance, but is possible now by our mothers' and fathers' efforts and love for us. We had Mother's Day in May, and we will thank our fathers soon in June. We might not want to miss these days to thank them and look back to the history of ours. 

Our church members have had meaningful congregational meetings twice in April and May, and we will have the last meeting on Sunday, June 1. During the last 2 meetings, we recalled our church's past and current time. During the last meeting we will look for our mission goals for the coming years. First Presbyterian Church has had long and strong history of worship and service activities in this community. Our music ministry has been the one of this church's strong areas.

Based on our history, we might want to find our way to strive in God's guidance in the future. Based on our strong trust in God, we will find the best way to worship God and spread the good news of Jesus Christ with the coming generations. I pray that our music ministry at First Presbyterian Church will be an important tool among other areas of ministries as before.  Do we want to hear God's voice, the "Whispering Hope" for us?