Summer is a season when we get out of closed spaces to a widely open world. We enjoy catching up with our neighbors and friends and making new friends during the summer. Busy school and church schedules get more relaxed and we can take a deep breath until Fall.

Around the time you are reading this article, I will be in Korea with my family. There’s a Korean proverb, that says, “The time of a decade can change even the shape of mountains and rivers.” I want to check how much sense this saying makes while in Korea.

When we reflect on our past, our own attitude and perspective determines whether we feel happy or sorry for our lives. In my case, I feel satisfied with my life so far. Of course, I have made many mistakes, and there have been some moments that I want to go back and fix if possible. However, in both happy and challenging times, God has been present. Therefore, I feel that my life has moved in the best direction and will be going in the same way as long as I fully rely on God’s will.

During this summer I hope to see God’s power and his faithfulness in the sky, on the land, and between people. Being out of routine life is the ideal chance for us to look and feel the things around us in a different way. And I hope I will experience God’s blessings and message through this summer without ceasing.

Happy summer to all of you!