Our trip to Bremen, Germany was a great experience for many reasons. First of all, it was the first time I put my feet on the soil of a foreign country, except for when I came to the USA from Korea 20 years ago. Miah and I were part of the delegation that represented Americans after becoming US citizens just six weeks before the trip!

During the three-day conference and the closing worship with three different languages (German, English, and an African) on the third day of the trip, Miah and I were reassured that God is for all people, in many different countries and languages, and there are many more ways for us to reveal His purpose for us and glorify God through them.

We also had a restful time and a chance to see the deeper side of German Christians’ lives in a small city, Quakenbrück, where my old Korean friend and his wife were serving two separate churches as music directors. As church musicians, my friends had many things in common with us, so we had very productive and enjoyable conversations.

We also had a chance to visit a place of worship for Muslims (mosque) and a refugee facility for many people from Mid-Eastern and African countries. We admired the German people’s generosity and efforts for refugees, and also heard about the many challenges they faced in helping the refugees.

After spending about eight days in Germany, we came back and resumed our lives and work in this country as church musicians. We received many good ideas and resources that we could use for our music ministries in the future. Being out of our comfort zone gave us fresh ideas and vision. I hope my experience in Germany can benefit not only myself but also many people around me in many ways.