What a month I have had in June! On June 2, I took a quick trip to Korea for my family, who mourned and comforted each other after my father passed away after 10 days in a hospital with two surgeries. He went back to heaven without too much pain or worry, and I believe that he had a pretty enjoyable life too. On the second day of my return from Korea, I had a last rehearsal with our ringers before the Handbell Festival in Sioux Falls and they left for the event two days later without me due to a schedule overlap with the AGO event I planned to attend. I saw their happy faces on Facebook during the festival while I was in Houston with Miah.

Within six days of my return from Korea, I flew to Houston, Texas with Miah for the American Guild of Organists (AGO) national convention. Miah and I enjoyed the fresh look of the city and meeting with many new faces and old friends. While Miah and I enjoyed nationally well-known organists’ performances, I also learned and enjoyed many classes they provided. One of the most enjoyable classes was a children and youth choir group, “A Treble of Houston.”

As soon as I returned from Houston, I enjoyed greeting our church people, as well as some new faces, during last Sunday’s service on June 26. During my absence on three Sundays, Miah Han, John Wiles, and Karen Black played for services at our church, and I really want to thank them. I felt no difficulties at all returning to my routine in worship and praising God with all of you after these three weeks. I have never felt such a strong sense of happiness at returning home.

There is really no place like home. Now, I am in the middle of helping out for the Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) event, which is happening at Wartburg College, sponsored by AGO Cedar Valley Chapter from June 26 to July 1. This event is for our next generation organists.

Again, what a month for myself, my family, and all the musicians in our area and nationwide! Hope I can help myself take a deep breath after all these schedules and can get back to my routine planning for our coming choir year for fruitful music ministries. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support during this unusually busy month for me.