From late spring to early summer, I usually see many houses open their yards for garage sales.  Warm weather conditions may make people want to clean their houses and get more space to relax and breathe more air.  Cleaning up and organizing are activities we should never stop throughout our lives, but this is the season when we do them more.

I think this is the season we need to clean up our minds and spirits too.  This is the time when we reflect on our past and reconnect our relationships with people and God that we had not found enough time for during the busy school and church year.

It seems like the month of July is the middle of summer, and many people are enjoying their vacations.  I will be attending the American Guild of Organists (AGO) convention in Indianapolis with Miah on July 12-15 and taking a short vacation after then.  I hope I can learn and find some unique experiences with our fellow church musicians there and enjoy a restful time with my family during July.

Without emptying a glass, we cannot fill new wine in.  Let us cleanse our souls and bodies and be  ready to put new energy and ideas in them. We are God’s children and missionaries to reveal His greatness to the world indeed!

May God’s blessings be with you during this summer.