One word that can have very opposite meanings in different situations is "contagious."  If it is used with the name of a disease, it will mean making the situation more serious, and we want to prevent it from happening.  But sometimes it can mean passing our emotions and feelings to other people.  In this case, contagious can make either positive or negative results depending on what is conveyed. 

The second Sunday of June was the first day our Summer Choir sang for service during this summer.  We had 8 new faces (currently non-choir members) and total number was 17 in the choir.  As a result, we had to hurry to make more copies of music during rehearsal, and I promised to make at least 20 copies for next Summer Choir Sunday. 

We are believers of what we cannot see.  We cannot see the presence of God.  We cannot see the love between God and us, and between each other.  But, we believe in God and feel His love from the result of what He has us feel and believe.  Our joy and happiness while praising God is the evidence of all these undeniable truths. 

I hope we are going to be a group of believers that is highly contagious with happiness, abundant love to share, and strong belief towards God and His people.  I hope that our various musical activities will be one of the leading causes of this positive atmosphere from now on at First Presbyterian Church.