During the last Christmas Eve service, we again fully enjoyed graceful music with many talented musicians.  Especially during the pre-service music, our beginner's bell choir group, Praise Ringers, played two Christmas pieces, and our young singer Megan Wheelock sang "Gentle Mary, Tender Mary." beautifully.  Grace Han and Alix Wimberley played their instruments wonderfully too. 

When I plan to include these young musicians for musical events, it usually needs much more preparation time than with adult musicians.  Sometimes, I may have more chances to encounter scary moments, like having no idea where the person who is supposed to be around me is in a critical moment.  (Yes! I am talking about my own son, Solomon, during the pre-service music time on Christmas Eve!)

But, do I think that I should avoid inviting these young musicians?  Oh no!  My plan for the coming new year is for the exact opposite.  Based on our beginner's bell group, Praise Ringers, and their enthusiastic aides, I would like to invite more people, young and old, to this group.   In addition, I would like to have our instrumental group activities more regularly from this year.   We have great Orff  and percussion instruments.  They will play their own pieces and also accompany the Sanctuary Choir during worship services and special concerts.

For this year, my goal as your Director of Music Ministries is to share the vision for strong growth in our musical activities.  And, I believe that having more children in our church musical groups is the most important step for this goal.  Many people already gave me a lot of help and suggestions for this project, and I will be glad to have more assistance and advice from you.

May God bless our endeavor to share the gift of music and praise God with all the people, young and old, during this new year of 2014!