The Messiah concert on Sunday, December 9, that First Presbyterian and First Congregational presented in our church sanctuary was well received and successful. More than 400 people sat in the pews and about 50 people on the stage made a beautiful atmosphere while we glorified God in unison.  The power of music is really a gift from God! 

After the concert, I started thinking of the many other ways we can serve the people around us.  Music is one of many tools we can use to lead people to Christ. Community Breakfast, Sunday School classes, and many small group activities are just a few examples. We hope to welcome more people for our mission as a church. 

Jesus asked Peter to be “a fisher man for catching people,” and I want to be a man who can lead people to the church with all of the First Presbyterian family. When I recall the memories of each year, the most important things I value are the people I got to know and the relationships I have kept. 

I hope we will find more ways to find and lead people to our church with God’s guidance in the coming year.  We will share more time and love with those people with God’s mercy.  We will find more talents and hearts to share and serve for God’s glory.  That’s my prayer for next year while celebrating our Lord Jesus’ birth in December of this year.