What a year I have spent in 2011! It has been one of most challenging years for me and it has been another blessed year in return indeed with God's guidance.  Around the time of closing this year of 2011, I try to recall all the memories and experiences, and I recognize that  the most important blessing among all others I should thank God for is my family. 

If I had not had my wife and my children, who did not lose trust in me and kept living their lives without missing a beat, I would have gotten tired and lost in some difficult situations I encountered in this past year. A visit of my sister in law in last October also comforted me and my family.  And ongoing prayers and conversations over the phone with parents and sisters on both sides of my families will be with us too.

Now I am ready to serve and share my musical talent and time with all the people at First Presbyterian Church as Director of Music Ministries after serving as an Interim for about two months.   As I felt so happy, I also started searching for the most important factor I should remember to best serve this church.  As a result, I voted for the value of family.

As your music director, I would like to keep looking for potential musical members in vocal and bell choirs.  Our church has a long history of high quality music in the community, but it doesn't necessarily mean we insist on a certain style and genre of music, or a high level of difficulty.  While we will keep those areas of music, we also try to find various music that more people of our congregation can join and enjoy together for our musical offerings.

Music has mysterious power to make people come together and ease tough relationships and miscommunications between people.  Music is also one of the ways we communicate with God and praise Him.  Music is a powerful tool to proclaim God's glory. 

We are all God's children, we are one family under His name.  Our choir members and I are searching and looking forward to having new choir members.  We understand that you have many reasons that could cause you to step back, but please contact me or one of choir members to discuss it with them.  We will make it possible as long as we want to praise God with our hearts and minds.