It was after just 2 months of dating that I asked Miah to marry me.  The answer from her parents for us was to spend at least a year to get to know each other.  People in Korea generally say that you need to spend 4 seasons (one year) with people in order to know them well.

It has been 4 seasons for me and my family since we joined the Westminster family.  We have shared times of joy, sorrow, and many other emotions with Westminster families and the people of the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.   It has been full of many challenges and adjustments.   But, at some point we started feeling comfortable and stable. 

The year of 2010 will be history soon, and we are making some resolutions for the coming year.  I have not made resolutions in past years, but for this New Year I would like to make some.

First in my mind is to devote more time to nurture relationships with my family, church members, the community, and with my God.  The memory of the time when we first met the people, who are important in our lives, is so sweet, strong, and fresh.  We need to make some effort to periodically revisit these experiences.   While busy with work and schedules, these important memories are easily forgotten. 

How many years have I been a Christian?  How many years have I been a husband and a dad?  How many years have I been living in the United States and here in Iowa?  I would like to start things all over again with a fresh mind and heart in this New Year. 

God is not changeable and will always be with us.  Getting tired and rusty is what we do, not God.  If we fully rely on Him and pray for renewal, God will give us the wisdom and strength to achieve it. 

I pray that everyone will have a blessed 2011!