To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven… (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

For the past 13 years Miah and I have made a life for our family in the United States. During this time, as always in our lives, God’s gentle guidance led us from church to church in His time. As we moved, each church provided just the right size, character and circumstances we needed at that time.

There was a church in Westland that nurtured us and provided unconditional love as we began our lives in the US. From there we went to a church in Marshall where I gained practical experience and learned to become a stronger and more disciplined church musician. God’s timing proved ideal 5 ½ years ago when we walked into First Presbyterian Church of Mount Clemens and into the embrace of a church family that welcomed my wife and children with an abundance of love and care.

When you offered me the Music Director position in the summer of 2004, my student visa was due to expire in 5 months. The whole church came together and supported me with tremendous amounts of prayer and financial gifts. You continued to be my greatest support for two very significant blessings, receiving a religious visa and a green card. As I reflect, it is obvious God’s guiding hand led my family here in His time.   

God now leads my family to Iowa for another new ministry in our lives. Westminster Presbyterian Church is located in Waterloo/Cedar Falls near the University of Northern Iowa. With a congregation of more than 900 they have many active music programs. Their Chancel Choir has about 40 members and the other musical groups are well represented by the congregation. I am optimistic about my music ministries at Westminster Presbyterian Church and look forward to the opportunity to continue my music studies at the nearby University.  

I cannot begin to express how much the congregation and staff of First Presbyterian Church has meant to me and my family.  We have shared laughter and sadness with all of you for more than 5 years. Our smiles, tears and even arguments have all been possible because we are one family.

As I leave to pursue my ongoing life goals, I ask that you continue the love and support you have always shown my family. Please pray for us as we travel and make a new life in Iowa and keep fond memories of us in your hearts. We will pray for everyone we have met here and will remember all of you with great affection.

May God bless our journey and all the people of this church forever and more.

With love and gratitude,
Taemin and Miah Han and Family