It is my honor to serve First Presbyterian Church as an Interim Music Director/Organist. The rich history of this church and equally extended history of strong music ministry at First Presbyterian Church have contributed tremendously to the life of church members as well as this community. I have enjoyed the concert program and special musical events at this church during the last two years since I moved to Waterloo with my family in December 2009.

Even with my short time of serving as substitute organist for several weeks and then working as Interim Music Director/Organist since the second week of October, I have been welcomed and encouraged warmly by many church members as well as choir members. I have met many people who appreciate music deeply and have a strong desire to see an active continuing musical program at this church.

Our lives are always in the process of challenging and transforming from time to time, and God wants us to thrive and receive the sweet rewards from Him after overcoming all difficulties and obstacles. Churches are the body of Jesus Christ that He achieved after His sacrifice and resurrection for us. When we think of serving our church, we should be honored and humbled. Let us do our best to enjoy our time that God has given us and glorify him through His guidance.

As a church musician, I have learned that we need to overcome the desire of accomplishing our own goals and plans at a certain point in our life journey. God will use us in our full capacity when we decide to obey God and let Him lead us with His plans and His directions. When we start focusing on God's will, we will be able to start listening to His voice and find His way.

I hope that I can share joyful and meaningful times with all of you as long as God allows us to be together from now on.