If you have ever spent time on the phone, answering numerous recorded questions, and finally get the chance to hear a real human voice to talk with, you know how important it is for us to spend time with real people instead of machines.

One day, I made a mistake and responded to a suspicious email message regarding one of my bank accounts.  I recognized that it was a scam email right away and I called the number on the back of my bank card.  After spending a long time with the recorded voice, I had a chance to talk with someone at last.  Not long after, he helped me with some pieces of advice and asked me to go to a nearby branch of the bank. I got an instant debit card in a few minutes and heard that the new debit card would be delivered in a week.

On my way back home, I thought to myself that getting help from others in person feels really good.  It may require you to take your own time to go somewhere else to meet people.  But the reward is not only when you have face to face communication, but also when you can see their faces and feel their emotion and soul while communicating. 

These days, advanced technology has confused more people and started to make these people believe that these machines can replace human relationships.  For example, smart phones and
navigation system in cars have helped us a lot, and sometimes we can feel that they're alive. Surely we sometimes feel that we cannot survive without these machines. But is that really true? 

Let's take a moment to think about how we exist, how we live, and where we go after life on earth.  Who made it possible for us to have all these relationships we have enjoyed?  Did these amazing, convenient, fun, and entertaining devices really replace real conversation, eye contact, handshakes, and hugs that we have always exchanged with the people around us?

I would like to encourage all of us to give a little more effort to reach out to people and spend time with them.  There are libraries, concert halls, movie theaters, and churches!  Your body may feel more comfortable on the sofa at your home with a remote control or a computer mouse, but let's take care of our spirit and soul by going to the places where we can meet people to share our time more often.  I've heard an automobile company's catch phrase saying, "Let's Go Places", and I think that's good advice for us indeed.