Missions-Impractical: that was the title of the devotion, based on the story of five loaves and two fish in Mat-thew 14:16-17, I read to our Sanctuary Choir members during our second Wednesday rehearsal this year. The question I had after reading it was who will determine whether God’s a mission is impractical. If we determine some mission and try to figure out if it’s impractical or practical, will that decision be reliable? If the mission is given by God and led by His plan and will, it might look impractical to us.

During Koinonia (Sunday adult study group) time, I heard one person talking about a miracle. She said miracles can be our routine life. A miracle doesn’t always have to be something that surprises us, like a dead man rising up or a blind man opening his eyes and seeing. Look at the leaves and flowers coming back after a long winter or those animals that do their jobs based on instinct. Our life cannot be maintained for a second without all these miracles.

For our music program, we are scheduled to have a spring concert on Sunday, April 28. Every single service we prepare is important, but this kind of public event is important from a different perspective. First of all, our choir members have opportunities to polish their musical skills in a more intense way. For our community, we can show our goals and enthusiasm to reach out to the people outside our church building and participate in and lead our community in the right direction.

If we set goals to reach out to more people through our musical events, or we pray to bring in many new members with our efforts in preparing heart touching music during a service, or if we believe that someone who almost believed that God didn’t exist, can turn his/her eyes toward God even during a silent prayer time with us, is that an impractical belief?

I pray that God uses us for His purpose and glory. We may need to pen our hearts and be ready to God’s guidance first. The result may not be that important anymore if we trust God and do our best. Our everyday is a miracle, and any result God allows us to have is His answer for our efforts. Let us not be confined by the impractical.