We often recognize that we are weak and sinful in nature.  Even with Jesus' sacrifice and God's endless guidance, we stumble and disobey God.  Apostle Peter was rebuked as a Satan by Jesus right after hearing that he would be a rock of the church (Matthew 16: 16-23).  Our battle with our sinful nature will continue, until we stand before our God and join the eternal life in heaven.

During Lent, some people decide to sacrifice a favorite part of life to get a step closer to God.  It can be chocolate or computer games, etc.  Some people do extra things instead like reading the Bible or praying more than usual.  How about praising God more during this Lenten season?  Have you considered joining one of our church choirs?  This is a great time to step in.

I once heard a joke, saying that when we gather in heaven most people will lose their earthly jobs because there will be no need to work for a living any more.  Even all pastors will be unemployed because we will hear from God directly.  But there are some people who will keep their earthly jobs. Who will those people be?  Yes!  The people who praised God with their voices and instruments!  Praising God is an ongoing activity that God loves from our life here to eternal life in heaven.

When people told me that the music during service lifted their spirit, I thanked God for using our choir members and me as an instrument to cleanse our hearts and minds.  During our busy and sinful days, we need to be cleaned by God's grace and mercy.  We may not be angels, but at least while praising God, we are doing the angels' job. 

Our church is a growing church.  We welcomed 20 new members plus their children last Sunday.  We are enjoying full classrooms with an increasing number of children and youth week after week.  As we receive more and more blessings from God, our musical offerings towards God should be equally plentiful to answer His blessings.  Let us praise God with our joyful hearts and minds!