Leaving one's comfort zone is never easy, but it is worth doing when we finally get the confidence for the adventure and the reward that comes from it.  Moving during the winter and in the middle of church choir season was not an easy decision.  I moved from Michigan to Waterloo with my family because I saw active musical groups with big potential supported by ambitious church families at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  The Casavant organ with 46 ranks recently built in and the decent size of the Chancel and other musical groups also impressed and convinced me.

Musical environment, however, was not the only element that led my family and me here.  I have seen many churches that have several active bible study groups, but it has not been easy finding churches that balance that with active and serious prayer activities.  While doing phone interviews with several churches, the Westminster Church music director search committee was the only one who suggested starting the conversation with an opening prayer.  Isn’t that amazing?  When Dean Thede, the chair of the committee, asked for prayer, I gave Miah a "thumbs up," and our journey to Iowa started right at that moment.

While settling in this area, we have been helped and comforted by many church members and staff, but I will save my words of “thank you” for the many days we will share from now on.  Instead, I want to keep telling myself that the best way to say “thank you” to all church members is to show my diligence and humble efforts in making quality music with you for God’s glory and serving His people in coming years.

I believe that singing and playing instruments before God with His people is one of the ways of praying to God.  Like breathing, we should not stop praying and praising God as His children.  We also need to pray for each other.  I came here with my family from Michigan, where we had spent our entire time in the United States of America since 1997.  I feel we were able to make the move to Westminster Church because we knew families would support us with their continued prayers; and I credit these prayers for great success in life, not just for my family, but for all of us.

Thank you for calling us, for your continuing support for our music ministries, and for the lifelong journey with you that starts right now.  I look forward to all the years we will have together.