Everyone sees life differently, remembering life’s experiences through their own eyes. I remember guests who attended my first piano recital better than those who attended my wedding. For me a wedding ceremony is more than just a moment in time, it is the beginning of a wonderful life long journey.  But a successful concert is an event resulting from long, hard work. When I look back on a concert in which I was involved I remember the event vividly, and the memory brings with it all the excitement and pleasure of the moment.


Sometimes I wonder what brings God the most pleasure. God created the whole world and cares for all of it. But while we journey through this life, which moments bring Him the greatest joy?  I believe it is when we are together in worship.


When I lose enthusiasm in worshiping God, I remind myself how I prepared for my first piano recital and how it pleased me to see the people who attended even with their busy schedule. God loves us and waits to see us in worship!  We must come to worship full of joy and expectations that God fulfills our lives with His blessings. Worship is our special moment together with God. 


Worship is an action of the Body of Christ in response to God's love. For better or worse, it forms and shapes how we live in the world as Christians. 
- Quoted from the website of Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM)