I am writing this article after watching a movie with some of our church children within our choir and chaperones. I showed a picture of our group I took there to one of my sisters in Korea. She said, “Wow, various races are in this picture!” Yes, we all may be different in color, but we are all the same as children of God. We had a fun time together that evening.

Now we are going to have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. During this wonderful time of year, I again think about the importance of family and our growing children that each family must take care of. They are our future and our present as well.

Currently, we have four kids and several youth in our church music program. Each of them has given me a tremendous amount of pleasure spending time with them. When I saw their shiny eyes after they found the joy of making music, I felt great happiness.

I hope that they will keep praising God throughout their whole life based on this experience and show a good example for our growing young ones in the nursery room of our church too.

Thank you to all those family members who make such efforts to bring their kids to choir. If you know a child or family who needs a music education, invite them to church! I hope to see more kids in our music program.