"I am not lost. I am exploring." 
This is from a bump sticker message I saw this morning on someone's car. This car was in the parking lot of Creighton University in Omaha, so the car was probably a student's.  Grace is applying to a couple of pharmacy schools, so they are pretty good words she needs to keep in mind too. 
In the journey of life, we sometimes have no clear idea where we are or what step we should take next. During that kind of situation, people's advice or our trust on God may not necessarily seem helpful. But how many times do we recognize after the storms have passed that God was with us and guided us. The last time when I was in a dark and cloudy time, this statement comforted me deeply, "Stay calm. The hardest part is almost done. You are right before the top of the mountain now."  

We are now in the last month of this year.  I don't know about how you are doing at this moment. But if you are in difficult situation for any reason, I want to say that God's comfort and assurance will always be with you. I just hope you will recognize it all the time regardless of your current circumstances. 
The meaning of "Advent" is closely related to the patience of believers long ago.  Think about the thousands of years of waiting for  the Messiah with only faith in God's word. Jesus finally came to us two thousand years ago, and He promised to be with us and come again for us. 
God's blessings and Merry Christmas to you all!