As it gets closer to the end of the year, we will be adopting a new directory.  While updating  the addresses and phone numbers of members, we sometimes need to eliminate certain names because there is no longer a reason to contact them.  In other cases, we call someone to say "hello" after a long absence.   This time of year, we recognize the importance of the relationships and realize that it needs continuing efforts to maintain.

This is true to the relationship between Jesus Christ and us.  Many of us had a moment of strong relationship with Jesus.  For example, when we met Jesus personally after a long time of being lost or experienced an unexplainable peaceful moment after confessing your sins, we believe that we won't forget that moment through our whole life.  But we now know that our memory does not last that long.

Some years ago, I started reading the whole Bible in a year with the schedule provided along with the daily devotional book, "Our Daily Bread."  For the first two or three years, I read the whole Bible every year.  After then, I felt that it's too hard or boring, especially for some parts like Numbers and Chronicles.  So, I decided to do it every other year.  Well... this year has been a resting year.  Now I am considering going back to the every year schedule because I feel  that I have lost some important elements.

Reading the Bible is not only for our pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, but it also reminds us about the relationship between God and us.  It's another way of communication with God, along with prayer, fellowship with other believers, and praising God with our voices and instruments.

During the month of December, we will experience the season of Advent and Christmas.  We recognize the people who patiently waited for our Messiah to come. We then celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with our hearts and minds.  Emmanuel!  God will always be with us as we remember Him.