If you think about the last month of every year, what image comes to mind first?  Most likely, the majority would say, “Christmas!”  For both Christians and Non-Christians, Christmas Day is one of the most enjoyable days of the year.  Many people think Christmas is a time of family gathering; children look forward to Christmas and anticipate many presents. Stores take advantage of this big holiday and start advertising their products extremely early to boost their businesses.  We get used to this cultural environment year after year.  All of these things can make it hard for us to focus on and remember the true meaning of Christmas and the season of Advent.

The people of Israel had been waiting and preparing for their Messiah for thousands of years.  Christ's birth came after a long time of patience, belief, and anticipation for God’s promise.  Advent comes from the Latin word "Adventus" meaning "coming," and is also commonly used in reference to the Second Coming.  So, the Advent season can actually remind us not only of the original waiting and then celebration of the Hebrews for the Messiah, but the waiting we have to endure today until His second coming.

Even amidst the inevitable hustle and bustle of the season, we can still take the time to contemplate and refocus on the true meaning of the season.  As the people of Israel kept their hope in waiting for their Messiah for thousands of years, we also need to remember the real meaning of Jesus’ birth and follow what He asked us to do two thousand years ago. He came to earth not only for the people of Israel, but will come again as our Messiah indeed. Hallelujah!