Summer seems to be divided into three parts to me: exciting entrance in June, peak of enjoyment in July, and closing the season in August. Now, we are entering the phase of closing and preparing for coming seasons of school, work, and church year.

I have enjoyed some out-of-state activities in June and July this year: Handbell Festival in Rochester, MN with our bell choir members, and American Guild of Organists National Convention in Kansas City, MO with Miah. As a non-musical activity, I was invited to join the Committee on Racial and Ethnic Ministry of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, so I spent two days in Eagan, MN with seven other committee members. All these activities have broadened my vision towards music ministry as well as overall Christian life.

Now, during this coming month I need to start my work in earnest for our church music program for the coming year, and also for a new chapter of life as my two children leave our house for college. A new chapter means more opportunities to grow as well as some risks to overcome. I don’t worry that much because I have learned throughout my life that our faithful God will be with me and let my brothers and sisters in Christ be around me to help and encourage each other.

I believe that August will be another wonderful month for us in preparing a great and fruitful church year of 2018- 2019, including our active music ministry.