A long time ago, I was chattering with a lady who was a school music teacher as well as church musician.  She said one of her school band students quit band recently, and she asked me if I could guess why.  On my puzzled face, she said the student's mom said she valued her family time, and her son's practicing took away from it. After a brief pause, we laughed out loud together for a while.  The conversation, though, didn't seem like just a light joke to me after I thought about it more deeply. 

I have heard many people said that teaching children music is giving them a great gift for their whole lives.  I have witnessed many families use their time to play and sing together, and it makes their family time valuable.  Just like any other human activity, musical skills and talent need consistent practice, time, and money  to develop.  This process gives us more opportunities to be patient and mature, which benefit us . 

Music is one of the most important elements for our lives, and it's no exception for our church lives: social meetings and worship.  And our musical activities could flourish with all of our support, ideally from each of our families first.  Of course schools and churches should be helpful, but without parents' understanding and support, there will be many limitations for our children to grow up in musical environments. 

We have had Summer Choir Sundays during summer months, and there will be one more Sunday for the group on Sunday, August 20 during this summer.  For the last 2 months, we sang  simple anthems with many percussion players.  This August will not be that different, but I would like to call all generations of our church members and people around them who want to praise God with their voices and instruments. Therefore, I suggest to call it  "Summer Choir Sunday for Families." 

The song will be very simple and with repeated parts.  The instrument parts will be the same.  I hope you will let me know who would like to sing or play instrument that Sunday morning.  If you have dusty instruments you used in high school, or you simply would like play a percussion, let me know too.  You would be even join us for clapping and dancing in the group.

Everything is possible.  We just need your joyful participation.  I am going to choose a simple anthem, or arrange or compose a simple song by  myself to include everyone who wants to join.  Let's enjoy this wonderful last Summer Choir Sunday.  Music is one of God's precious gifts for us, and it's our privilege to enjoy it and glorify God with this gift.